Obedience Training


Here at Precision K9 Training we believe strongly in providing our clients with results utilising modern dog training systems. Implementing these modern dog training systems allow our clients to achieve extremely impressive obedience in their dogs.

Whether it is advanced obedience skills or just lifestyle skills such as loose leash walking, place training etc… WE can help achieve your goals.


Reliable Recall

One of the most common complaints from dog owners regarding their dogs is not having a reliable recall. We believe this is the most essential skill you can teach your dog.

Some benefits of a reliable recall are as follows;

- Safety for your dog (Imagine your dog is chasing a bird/dog/rabbit etc.. and he is about to cross a busy road as he is stuck in tunnel vision and can only see what he is chasing - with a reliable recall you can call him back and prevent him from potentially getting hit by oncoming traffic).

- You will feel more comfortable leaving the home knowing at any given time in any given circumstance you still have control over your dog and can recall him/her at any given moment.

What do we mean by "reliable" recall?

What we are referring to is that you have the ability to recall your dog at any given moment regardless of the circumstance with only one command. Regardless if he/she is chasing kangaroo's, rabbits, dogs, people you have 110% control and are able to recall your dog no matter the circumstance.

If you would like to start achieve any level of obedience training or achieve a 110% reliable recall please get in contact today on 0433 523 166.

Had our first session with Jake and ran through a lot of the issues that we have been facing and dealing with... went through a few of the simpler things and saw improvements in a short time. Would definitely recommend Jake and looking forward to working our dogs and training them in the future!
— Sierra Mike