Behaviour Modification

  • Does your dog pull on the lead and drag you down the street?

  • Does your dog jump on friends and family members and knock them over?

  • Does your dog act aggressive towards other dogs or people?

  • Does your dog have issues with resource guarding?

  • Are you having any issues with your dog’s behaviour and just not sure what to do about it?

If YOU have answered yes then scroll down!

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If you have answered yes to any of these questions then give Precision K9 Training a call today so we can start rectifying these issues and get you back to enjoying your dog without constant problems or stress.

Unfortunately, it is very common for dogs to have behavioural issues and without the proper knowledge and education these problems can spiral out of control and end up getting much worse!

For that reason, we are very proud to offer training to assist members of the public who are experiencing behavioural problems with their dogs. Rectifying these behaviour issues will not only improve your life, but will also improve the life of your dog.

Give me a call today on 0433 523 166 and lets start fixing whatever issues you are facing straight away!

Awesome dude, amazing training. He was able to teach me how to correctly communicate with my dog and build a better bond with him, , Jake has truly been a lifesaver.
— Hayley Meintjes