Board and Training Packages

- Are you having issues with your dogs behaviour but dont have the time to fix it due to work or other commitments?

- Do you just want to improve your dogs training dramatically fast?

If you have answered yes than this Boarding and Training service might be your answer.

Here at Precision K9 Training we not only have the best facilities in Western Australia to train your dog, but we’re also passionate about helping people and their dogs. This service is perfect for those who are time poor or are having serious issues with their dogs such as resource guarding, aggression issues towards people or other dogs just to name a few.

For that reason we are proud and delighted to offer this Boarding and Training Service to our clients and future clients.

How does it Work?


Boarding and Training is an intensive approach to training your dog or rectifying behaviour issues. Your dog will stay at Precision K9 throughout his/her training and will be trained at least three times throughout the day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

As you can imagine, when we have the ability to train your dog so frequently and intensively your results will be achieved quicker and at a higher level then weekly training sessions.

Whilst your dog stays with us he will also get numerous opportunities to just be a dog, meaning he will be taking on daily walks and exercised whilst he is here with us being trained.

Boarding and Training will include his/ her food for the duration of his training, boarding component and all training and other activities whilst he is with us.

Where will my dog be housed?

In short, Precision K9 Training is a million dollar training facility which has been built with one thing in mind- Training your dogs. He or she will be housed in a soundproof, enclosed kennel complex (Out of the elements whether that is sun in summer or rain in winter) which is maintained to the highest standards imaginable.

Each kennel is extremely large is equipted with high quality bedding, automatic water bowls, epoxy flooring not to mention each and every kennel has its own reverse cycle split system airconditioner to ensure your dog is the most comfortable he or she can possible be.

For more information and pricing regarding our boarding and training packages please feel free to contact us on 0433 523 166.