Snake Avoidance Training

Summer is approaching fast and that means that the snakes are starting to come out again as the weather begins to warm up.

Snake Avoidance Training is the best protection you can provide your dogs to keep them safe from a potential deadly encounter with a snake this summer!!

**** Please also note that Precision K9 Training is the ONLY licensed business by the Department of Wildlife to complete snake avoidance training.**** 

Snake Avoidance Training Refreshers (for those who have already completed the course) and Snake Avoidance Training Courses (For dogs who have not completed the course before) are now available!!

For further details or to make a booking please contact Precision K9 Training on


How it works



I took my two pointers to Jake’s snake avoidance training and was very happy. I found the training to be very thorough, working both on visual and odour with real snakes that all look different in shape and size. My dogs have a very strong prey drive and they got it straight away. Jake was very good at explaining everything and took good care of my dogs. Very professional, I strongly recommend!
— Julie Dutertre