About Us


Jake has always had a passion for working with dogs. He is the sole trainer at Precision K9 Training and has vast experience in many breeds of dogs and behaviours.

At Precision K9 training our mission is to aid dogs and pups in their development, whether that be into a highly-trained service dog or just a well behaved companion for you and your family.

We believe that there is a path to training every dog, and use a blend of the most effective and up to date training methods, tailored to the specific animal. We love dogs and our mission is to help them shine.

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We offer a range of services primarily at our made for dog training facility, but also do home visits for those issues specific in the home.


We provide our clients with the best dog food on the market (both raw and dry), the best equipment on the market, the best dog training facility in Western Australia. We also offer top quality training that utilises the most modern and effective training tools and systems.

We offer a vast range of services for your dog. Contact Us to discuss training your dog today, or look at our Services to see the different types of training we offer.

At Precision K9 we love all dogs no matter what breed. We have a passion for making every dog the best version that he/she can be!